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Customer Comments ~

Our EBay Feedback

**  Tue, 16 Sep 2014 ...... Tom, I had to drop you a line about the cover you made for me. Remember back in 2011 I ordered the cover for a Zinky 2-12 cabinet. It has held up all these years. Just last month here in Michigan we had the worst flooding in almost 500 years. My basement got six inches and to my dismay I found the Zinky cover floating in sewer water. ( I had moved all of my collection upstairs but missed the cover in the cellar ). I placed the cover outside in the sun but the smell was horrible. As a last resort I placed it in our new washing machine ( all appliances had been destroyed in the flood ). It was then placed in the dryer. Could not believe it, the fit was still perfect and the cover looked like new. Great product, will be contacting you with another order for my Fender amp.

** I'm just dropping a quick line to let you know how much I still love my D2F cover after three years. I travel all over the SF Bay Area with it playing gigs with my band and my amp still looks as it did the day I bought it. Thank you for providing such a great product. Best regards - Darren Thompson/Petaluma CA

**  Tom, I like D2F covers so much, they've become a habit and necessary piece of equipment to preserve my amplifiers and speaker cabinets. Thanks for your great communications, amazing turn around time and the nine great covers I have so far!  - Scott Blazicek/Vestal, NY

**  Hey Tom, I was just fishing on Ebay and saw one of your products. I thought I should drop in and say hi and tell you that after almost 5 years your cover is still holding up well and keeping my amp looking new. Thank you again. I remember your service being excellent. I hope you and the business are doing well. Cheers! Darren

(Update) Hi Tom, I've brought my gear home from our rehearsal space to do some regular maintenance on my rig. and had a quiet moment to reflect... As a business owner myself, I know I like to hear my own products are holding up. I'm coming up on 7 years using my D2F cover. I gigged solidly about twice a month since I've had it and STILL both my D2F cover and amp look great! Thank you for an excellent product! I'll check back with you in a couple more years. Cheers, Darren

     **  The Amp Cover arrived on June 18, 2008. Package in perfect condition. FIT = Perfect! Love the padding. I put a link to your site from my website. Best amp cover I ever owned. Hey, I may not be your biggest customer, but I know quality when I see and feel it and I'm Loyal.
    I've made my own covers. My wife has made covers for me. No more..! D2F is the best I've found. I'm a retired X-Marketing V.P. with AT&T. I know a Great Product, and I'm telling every one I know about D2F.
    I got "DIRECT" great customer service, a good price and excellent quality. What else could I ask for, for my '65 Fender Deluxe Reverb [Holy Grail] amp?
    The cover is light! It weighs nothing and it's padded? The Fabric is Fantastic! The Fabric is Amazing! I've got a bad back, It adds no weight...! I'll be back! – Dyke Bennett/Spring Branch, Texas

** Hi Tom, No I didn't win anything, but I'll keep watching! I just wanted to thank you again for making such a great cover for my Markbass (Jeff Berlin) 15" bass amp. I've been gigging like crazy with it, so it' been beat around, had stuff packed against it, rained on, you name it, and still... not really a scratch on it. (I just have to dust it off now & again.) So when I need any sort of cover, I'll be getting them from you from here on out. (And I'm telling my friends, too.) Thanks again for a great product, Dave Webb Denver, CO.

** Hey Tom, I just wanted to take a minute to also thank you, not just for the great monthly prizes and amp drawings you offer to your customers- which is just amazing, fun and a really rare thing that goes above and beyond the scope of how most people treat their customers.  Mainly I want to let you know how much I love your products, and since I've been touring and doing so much session work lately, I can honestly say you make a truly superior product. My 3 covers for my main amps you've made are just perfect, but my main amp has been a Tone King Metropolitan for sessions and shows here in NYC and any touring big and small lately. I want you to know that I always have the peace of mind that my amp is safe, protected and free from spills and the like. All the people I've worked with have purchased a few themselves now. Now I don't have to lug my ridiculously heavy ATA  flight case to every gig I play around town or neighboring states. So congrats on making the absolute Best Amp Covers - David Arellano/Brooklyn, NY

**Tom, Just a note of thanks - I received my new custom D2F Cover for my Epifani UL2-112 on Saturday. It is a great cover that will give me years of dependable service.
I chose D2F for my Ampeg 410 HLF several years ago. I gig in the Rochester, NY area and have seen my share of outdoor festivals, rough setup handling, and yes - snow. Through the years I have come to depend on the D2F Cover to protect my gear as if it were resting comfortably in my practice studio. My confidence in your product left me with no choice for a cover on my new cabinet. You have spoiled me. Keep up the great work! - Jon Renault - Bassist: The Sinzibukwud Band

** Hi TOM,  my order arrived.  It is even better than I expected!  The covers are awesome!  My son is a singer songwriter (pop) and is leaving today for his first national tour and using the covers on the two amps he is taking with him. I have been playing myself for over 40 years and have never seen covers the quality of D2F!  I have been through 3 Fender vinyl covers on my Twin Reverb and desperately need another for it.  Rest assured that the next one will be a D2F!  We also have about 10 more amps in our family and as the budget permits we will be covering them with your products!   Thank you for a great product and your awesome customer service.  Jim Coons,/Middlebury, Vermont

 ** Your "D2F Covers" are high quality products, and that I can say for sure, with 40 years plus experience on the road & playing locally. It's real important to me to keep all my gear protected from the wear & tear & accidents that occur, whether going across country or just to a local gig.  I just started using your cases only about a month ago, & after a few gigs of my amps getting tossed around in trucks to & from gigs, everything came home in perfect condition. I'm now in the process of getting our entire band to use them.  So, thanks again Tom for your quality product & your VERY personalized service, I appreciate it !  -  Terry Hungerford-Watsonville, California

' Terry Hungerford & "The Motovators"

** As this will be my 10th cover, I thought I'd give you an open invitation to pass on my details to anyone here in Australia who might be inquiring about your product who is looking for a local reference. I would be more than happy to assure them of the quality of workmanship and fit, and hassle free postage etc. - John Gilroy/Australia

** Tom, I might as well add my 2 cents also. I have 1 steel cover and 2 amp covers, and I LOVE all of them. The quality of material, the workmanship, everything about the covers is great. I have been thru many covers for my Sierra steel and not happy with any until I got yours. It fits perfectly to the guitar. Keep up the great work. From Sunny Las Vegas - Earl Hensley

** Tom & the D2F crew, - I have been very pleased with the D2F covers that I bought about 3 years ago for my new GFI Ultra keyless and my vintage Webb amp. And so are my two Siamese cats, as you can see. This may not have been a factor that you considered specifically in the design, but it has worked out perfectly. The stiffness balances protection for the instrument with comfort for the cats, apparently. (They like the amp cover as well.) The tough polyester canvas has been undamaged by their occasional digging in with claws. Furthermore, cat hair is easily removed from the canvas using moistened fingertips.
Of course, as you promised, the fit and craftsmanship are superb. My only challenge is to make sure I get in practice time before the cats settle in for the evening!  Thanks for a great product. I hope your business is at least holding steady, if not still growing, in these challenging times. - Rick VanderLugt/Oakland CA

**Tom: I just had to send you an email to thank you for the way that you conduct your business!  I am extremely happy with the covers that I received today, and even more pleased with the purchase experience.  You advised me of a possible delay, yet I received your package in record time!  Wow!
          It is rare in today's' business world to find a company that manufactures a superior product (the product's quality speaks for itself) and has superior customer service that goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is happy. Again...Wow!

          The personal touch of your correspondence along with your concern and additional follow-up's to make sure I was happy.  Then add the fact that you returned $6 of over-paid postage.  You could have kept the $6 and never even mentioned it to me.  That shows a great amount of integrity and honesty and I greatly appreci
ate you and thank you.

          I will pass on the word to all of my friends and people I meet playing, buy D2F covers for your gear!  Thanks again. - Rob Gehring/Fairlawn, Ohio

** Aside from crafting durable and attractive covers, Tom Palmer and D2F provide remarkable customer service. It's a real pleasure to deal with such a responsive, high-quality operation. And the covers fit perfectly. - Michael Devito/Montclair, New Jersey

** My name is Marv Gemmell and I just received my new D2F covers and I am thrilled. You make a great product and you have superior service. The covers fit perfectly and do my 2 vintage amps justice. I thought I would send a pic of my 1965 Fender Super Reverb with and without the cover and my 1968 Fender Deluxe Reverb. They are 2 incredible tone machines and only deserve the best cover. Hopefully you can post the pics on your website and get more of the sales that you deserve. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Regards - Marv

**  Tom, thanks for the great service. This high-quality cover is a perfect fit for my HIWATT Custom 50 combo amp and I'd recommend this product to anyone who cares about protecting his or her amp.- Joe Cesare/Copiague, New York

       **  I purchased an amp cover from you about a year ago, and would like to say how wonderful it still is.  This thing hasn't torn, come apart, or anything.  It's still practically brand new.  I lug my amp all over the place, and after pulling it off, and putting it back on, it still holds its shape and padding like the day I got it.  I am very happy with it and will never look anywhere else for my equipment protection needs. - Dave Maximuk/Baltimore, Maryland

**I also received the cover and must say, the quality and fit is EXCELLENT. I half-expected the rave reviews on your site to be mostly hype... I can now attest that the kudos given are completely warranted and I'm sending my own A+ rating as well!  The quality of the product is outstanding. I couldn't be more satisfied with the cover or the service! - Aaron Boylan/Calgary, Alberta Canada

** Thank You, very much! I am a firm believer in D2F Covers, and you can count on my endorsement. I'm just a session/bar gig guitar player that works 4-5 nights a week, so my amps get moved around a lot. Thanks to your covers they still look great, and all the knobs stay intact. A D2F slipcover is a small insurance policy that gives me a lot of peace of mind. The heavy padding , superb fit, & edge stitching make for a very solid, lightweight cover, that can withstand almost nightly abuse. - Mike Herrell/New Castle, Delaware

**  I just received the cover for my 65 Reissue Fender Twin Reverb amp, and was so impressed. Your product far exceeded my expectations in every way. I must say I was a bit apprehensive when placing my order, in today's lack of quality in materials and craftsmanship, but this cover fits like a glove and will obviously last as long as my amp, or longer. Your company makes me proud to know "Made in America" goods can still be the tops in the world. Kudos to you and your staff, I wish you all the success in the world, and will help spread the word to all the players I know. - John Peruchini/Bellevue, Washington

**  Tom, My new D2F Covers arrived today and I am Extremely Happy !!!!! This has to be "The Best" Purchase I have made in my 9 years on e-Bay. "The Best" Product, "The Best" Customer Service, "The Best" Communication,"The Best" Quality ..... all at an Awsome Price !!! Thank you Tom and Please thank ALL your Staff for making such an outstanding Product !!! I never thought that Nearly $5,000.00 worth of Marshall Equipment could look so good covered up!!! Again, Many - Many Thanks, - Billy J. Wilson/Oxford, Kansas

**  Tom, both items arrived yesterday just as you said. They're better than I expected, both material and craftsmanship!!! Thanks for your great product, personal interest in my business, and excellent communications. I always knew where the order and I stood during this purchase! No surprises. Thanks again,! - Tommy Gibbons, Proud & Satisfied D2F Customer/Trimble, Tennessee

       **  Hey Tom - No patience involved. I got home tonight and was pleasantly surprised to find my cover waiting. I didn't expect it that fast. Pulled it out of the box, slipped it on the amp and it fit perfectly!! Nice! Super nice work and quality! I checked out a bunch of amp cover makers and I ended up liking your website the best, it had a real "down to earth" plain folks and no "hype" feel to it. Then when I had a chance to visit with you over the phone while placing my order I was sold. I could tell right away by talking to you that you are a "class" guy with a "quality" product!
       I'm just thankful that there are folks like you out there taking good, honest, care of us workaday musicians (and some Stars too, I suppose). Many thanks for the great cover and speedy service!  Henry Thome/Phoenix, Arizona

      **  Please see attached photos of new amp covers; mine is on the left (Mesa Dual rectifier and Fender Showman cab) and the one on the right is for a Marshall head and cabinet that belongs to my friend Rob Jacobs. We play in an Alice Cooper Tribute band called Love It To Death, and we are telling everyone about our new D2F amp and cabinet covers. They fit like a glove and offer much more protection than those thin plastic covers. We don't do extensive road touring, but we do haul our gear all over Texas in a panel van. My cover gives me peace of mind, knowing that my gear is protected and won't get dinged in the cargo bay.
      Consider this an official endorsement; we strongly believe in this product and will buy more for our other amps and devices. - Mike Lambert/Houston, Texas

      **  After discovering the less than acceptable quality & fit of the "factory" cover available for my Super Champ XD I was very pleased to find the website for D2F covers.
   The service is fantastic and I was kept informed right through the process. My amp cover arrived here in Australia exactly seven days after Tom advised me of its shipment. Brilliant service, and a great amp cover that fits like a glove! - Geoff Burt/Perth Western Australia

 **  I received the covers yesterday.  I they are really nice. I would like to thank you for being so responsive to my questions and for making the the covers to my specs.  I have owned other padded amp covers and your workmanship and materials are superior to any that I've owned before.  The fit is great!  I also appreciate how promptly you completed them and shipped them.  Yours is truly a quality business in all aspects. - Joe Cardinale/Guilford, Conniticut

  **  Tom, my cover arrived today.   Your description is way off base.........
 This is not a slip cover for my amp. Its more like a first class gig bag like I have for my Gibson Les Paul or my PRS. You sell yourself short.  This is by far the best cover I have ever seen.  It sits between a slip cover and a flight case in my opinion.
       I am 35 years old and studied at performing arts college (music and Dance). I have played guitar since I was 16 and have owned Fender and Marshall amps mostly and the stock covers have always been fine with me.  Not any more!  You have shown me the error of my ways.
       In short I am a very very happy customer and I just know when any of my fellow local musicians see this cover they are going to ask me where I got it, I will most certainly pass on your company details to all who ask.
       Fantastic communication from day one and a far better product than I could have possibly imagined.  Now thats how to run a buisness! Kindest Regards - Andy Taylor/Worcestershire, UK

**  Tom , the cover arrived just now and I must say the quality exceeds my expectations ! I've been playing out for 34 years and have had every amp and cover known to man  , the D2F blows all others out of the water ! I'm looking forward to the guys in the band seeing your craftsmanship . Excellent ! It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Wishing you continued success. - Tim Remmy/Bloomington, Indiana

  **  I got my cover today and my only complaint is my amp (Line 6/Bogner Spider Valve 112) now looks better with the cover on.  I have bought covers from other sites but yours is, without a doubt, the best sewing around the handle area on the inside as well as throughout.  It is also a way better fit than any of the others.  I finally got my moneys worth!  Thanks for the great effort on your product. - Ron DuPree/Post Falls, Idaho

   **  I have D2F covers for both my amps and my steel. I recently rolled my Jeep Wrangler on my way home from a gig. I had my Nashville 1000 in the back with the D2F cover on it. There was not a scratch on my amp afterward, however the cover did take a licking! These have got to be the best covers I have used...ever! Thanks Tom for a great product. - Scott Moon/Hallettsville, Texas

**  Hi Tom.....A note of thanks for superb service on this. Your great communication skills and lightning fast shipping made this a really enjoyable and satisfying experience. The icing on the cake was the cover....What a beautiful piece! I've bought factory and aftermarket covers in the past...nothing comes anywhere close to your D2F product. I'll definitely be a customer again and you can count on me showing this to the guys in my band...They'll be envious as hell! I'm leaving positive feedback for you...just wish I had twice as much room to rave about D2F. Many thanks  - Ken Wilson/Duncan, British Columbia

**  Thank you for your prompt attention in delivering the cover today. I was very pleasently surprised that it arrived so quickly, especially for having to construct it without any advanced warning. Even the manufacturer of the amplifier couldn't have shipped a comparable product in the time it took D2F to make and deliver it to me. It appears to be in great shape and I am impressed with the quality and look forward to years of wonderful abuse!
     This has been one of the most satisfying deals I've had in a long, long time and I am very comfortable about recommending your products to my friends! Keep up the great work and you'll continue to have happy customers for life!
     BTW, I'll be ordering more covers for my other amps too!
Best regards, - Tim Michael/Magnolia, Texas

**  Thank you so much for the cover for my Mesa F-50 amplifier. The form-and-fit factor is absolutely perfect! It is snug without being too tight or just the opposite of a void between the inner tricot interior and the grill and controls of the amplifier. In other words, the tolerance and quality control is flawless. This is an item of superior craftsmanship and function. - Erik D/Fresno, California

**  My three covers arrived last week in rather quick fashion and am very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of your work.  The fit and finish is really flawless and your attentions to detail comes through with perfectly sized covers.  I especially appreciate the extra phone calls and emails, that you   took extra time to send to me, to double and triple check the exact measurements of each unit.  Your careful attention to detail really comes through with a unique and durable case/cover that is truly "Designed 2Fit".  I will be ordering additional covers in the near future for other gear and will also highly recommend you and your product to to others!   It has been a pleasure to do business with someone who takes pride in their product, delivers it quickly and who provides the utmost in customer service! - Kerry Barton/Albuquerque, New Mexico

**  The quality of the materials and workmanship used to make these covers is incredible - they far surpass the cost. I own 3 of these covers that are used to protect 3  vintage collectors amps that I use continuously. (One of these covers is made to custom specs.) It is one of the best investments I have ever made. I will definitely purchase more of these quality covers for the remaining / expanding collections of amps I own. Did I forget to mention the service? It is as good as the covers - Thank-you Tom for professionalism!!! - Peter Korac/Richmond, BC

**  The cover for Custom Vibrolux Reverb arrived this morning...and I could not BE MORE Pleased!  Not only was the workmanship on the cover itself & the Fit excellent, but just your whole approach on how you run your Business...E-mail Support, Fabric Sample...Priority Shipping...just everything !....and I'm just a first time Customer....It really does my soul good, to know there are still folks like you out there, making a living with a Great Product...and treating people right...And I sure hope you post these comments on your Website, so others can find out what a Great Product your making ! - Tony Mellichampe/Edgewater, Maryland

     **  I  received your cover for my Sierra.  It couldn't fit better if you guys came out to my house and measured it yourself!!  What an amazing job you did.  Thank you for your extra effort on this cover. What a pleasure it is to do business with a person and a company that REALLY wants to make sure the customer gets what he wants and needs.  Being in Sales myself, this experience once again proves the old saying," if you make sure enough people get what they want, you'll always get what you want".  Great job!!  Best regards - Michael Kehoe/Salinas, California

**  I received the cover for my Dr. Z this past Monday and I'm more than pleased with it. It fits great and looks great as well. I showed it to my friend and fellow band mate ( who purchased a cover from a competitor in California for more $$) and he was equally impressed.  I will have a couple more covers to get made in the near future and look forward to doing business with you again. - Kim Moyer/Victoria, BC

.**  I have D2F covers for both my amps and my steel. I recently rolled my Jeep Wrangler on my way home from a gig. I had my Nashville 1000 in the back with the D2F cover on it. There was not a scratch on my amp afterward, however the cover did take a licking! These have got to be the best covers I have used...ever! Thanks Tom for a great product. - Scott Moon/Hallettsville, Texas

   **  Tom, the cover came I couldn't be happier! Fits perfect, and is made of tougher materials than I had imagined. I had considered a road case at one point in time, sure glad I didn't go that route. This cover you made will protect my amp very well. Thanks for the great cover, I will recommend your products every chance I get. - Bob Dreher/Tilton, Illinois

   **  I just got the cover for my Peavey Classic 30.  It is an incredible piece of workmanship. It’s made better than my amp!  Even looks better. Maybe you should make amps too! Your professionalism should be the standard for eBay. - Andy Lackow/Maplewood, New Jersey

   **  Just got my new cover for my Rivera Chubster 40/ THAT'S a quality cover!  My "original", single ply, thin, non-padded cover with a handle opening that is smaller than the handle and chrome end caps is NO match to it!  My Chubster is now enclosed in a sleek, glove-like cocoon of padded protection that EVERY musician should have for his equipment!  I have had you design covers for me before, and I'll have you do more for me again!  My friends will be getting covers for Xmas - what a PERFECT gift!!!!   Thanks!  You guys ROCK!!! - Ray Jackson/Renton, Washington

     **  I got the cover today for my Cube 60 - outstanding! - this is what a cover should be! I will be purchasing your covers for all of my amps and cabinets - thank you very much for your great service and product. - Scot Jon Schwestka/Waterloo, Iowa

    **  All I can say is WOW!  The cover is way better than what I expected!!  You guys do great work!  - Chuck Sierra/Chicago, Illinois

  **  Hello Tom!  The covers for my Matchless head and cab's arrived today. I think the covers are excellent!  They are just what I was looking for. They fit just great on my head and cab's. I'll get back with an other order soon. I want these covers for all my amps. Thank you for the great covers, and for a very smooth deal. It's been a
pleasure doing business with you, Tom. I'll recommend you to all my friends. Best regards - Odd Halvard Seterdal/Norway

    **  I received the D2F Covers I ordered from you for my Fender Champ and 57 Twin Reissue yesterday.  As with the cover you made for my Fender Blues Jr., these fit perfectly and look great (as well as provide an appropriate level of protection)!  I can't begin to tell you what a great product I think you produce.  I will sing your praises from the mountaintops! (well, figuratively anyway) - Michael Huwaldt/Wheatridge, Colorado

   I**  I received the covers today for my Mackie SRM450 speakers.  WOW!  They are exactly what I wanted!  They even have the openings for the top handle.  Great padding.  Excellent design and workmanship.  Thank you so much! - Bob Bade/Madison, Wisconsin

I    **  I just wanted to let you know that I received the covers (Peavey classic 50 2x12,classic 30 Delta blues 1x15) you sent me this last Thursday afternoon, " Excellent Quality!"  But most of all you took care of the business in a kind, friendly manner, but yet professional.  There aren't many businesses left in this world like that. 
            Thank you!  I'll send as many people as I can to your web site! - Warren Barsana/San Diego, California

     **   It's been a busy few weeks since I received the D2F cover for my '66 Fender Deluxe Reverb amp (I'm the original owner). I'm extremely pleased with it and especially the concern you've shown for me as a customer. I will recommend you highly to any personal friends and acquaintances in the business of music. Please don't hesitate to use me as an independent endorsee whose only motive is to let others know about a genuine quality product and a company who cares about their clients. - Lou Maresca/Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

     **  I received the amplifier cover last week (Jan. 18th). You should be proud that
your company produces such a fine quality amplifier cover for picky musicians
like myself. I will definitely give you a positive rating on e-bay. - Brian O'Sullivan/Stouffville, Ontario Canada

    **  Hi Tom - Just received my cover... Congratulations, you really make incredible covers! Superb quality, fits like a glove...Very good protection for my amp. I will do business again... in the meantime very best regards. - Dan Prescott/Repentigny, Quebec Canada

     **  I got my amp covers for my Kendrick Black Gold 35 and my Carr Rambler today and just wanted to let you know that they both fit like a glove. I'm absolutely happy with the fit, value, and the very high quality of these covers!  Nice work and thanks again! Kind Regards - Mike Pyles/Boring, Oregon

 **  I just had to drop you a line and tell you how impressed I am with the cover I bought for my 1966 Fender Super Reverb. It has been a great amp and now it has an awesome cover to go with it and it appears to be "Taylor made" for the amp, a truly awesome fit! The material is tough, but still looks sleek. Your service is top notch too. Thanks again...."Harmonica Brad" - Renton, Washington

**  I received the D2F Cover today for my Two Rock Onyx combo amplifier and it fits like a glove.  I had a few choices after my search for a quality soft cover and I'm glad I came across your product.  Thank you very much ! ! !  I am already considering another D2F for my Tech 21 Power Engine. - John Reaume/Baldwinsville, NY

**  My son is taking his new (but vintage) half stack to its first gig today.  Literally two minutes before we headed out the door with the equipment for a pre-show practice session your cover was delivered!  The quick opeing of the box, placement of the cover on the cabinet, immediate appreciation of the cover's look and fit, and packing of all the stuff into the car took another three minutes and we were off! Great!  Couldn't have planned it any better if I tried.  I am much more comfortable knowing that his equipment is better protected.  Thanks very much indeed for your prompt response, production and shipment.  - Michael Mattice - Arlington, Virginia

     **  I just received my new D2F padded amp cover for a new old Webb I bought last week. Perfect fit and very fast service. Great price too. I recommend them. – Chris Lucker/Los Angeles, California

     **  Received the amp cover for my Evans yesterday. These guys did a super job, & it's fits sooooooo good. The material is top of the line quality, & fast service, & the best GUARANTEE out there. Thanks Tom for a great product. – Autry Andress/Plano, Texas

     **  The covers for my custom twin just arrived and I am extremely pleased about the quality. As good as you can get without a case, plus they fit. - Louis Falardeau/San Antonio, Texas

         **  Received my covers today!  They fit Great!  The workmanship is excellent. I'm so proud of my covers.  You and your company have a great future! - Rodney Garrison/Bowie , Texas

   **   The JC-120 cover came today and it fits perfect! Thanks for the great service, you can be sure we will do business again and I will recommend you to all of my musician friends! - Rich Young/Winter Haven, Florida 

     **  The covers arrived safely, and I'm absolutely delighted with them - they're exactly what I wanted! Many thanks for the excellent service and the great product. - Roger Rettig/Naples, Florida

     **  Tom, I have a cover that I got from you in Dallas for my Williams D-10 guitar and words don't come close to telling you how great it looks and fits!!!!!!!!!!!. - Charlie Tryon/Hamilton, Ontario - Canada

     **  I just got my padded cover for my Nashville 112, perfect fit. Tom does a great job on these covers. The Williams cover he made for me is perfect also. - Richard Cooper/Eads, Tennessee

     **  I got my cover for my Nashville 112 this week. It's the best I've seen anywhere. - Frank Parish/Nashville, Tennessee

     **  I received the covers for my Nashville 112 & Webb yesterday - just wanted to say that these exceeded my expectations. Great work, Tom. - Boo Bernstein/Los Angeles, California

     **  I just got my new "style B" leg bag from Tom. It is great. I really like the material and the workmanship is top notch. A good price and quick delivery. Thanks Tom. - Bob Tuttle/San Angelo, Texas

     **   I received my D2F cover which I ordered at the Texas show and am very pleased. It looks good, fits well and the quality is excellent. Tom Palmer is a very professional and honest person to do business with. - Morton Kellas/Chazy, New York

          **  These things fit to perfection, nicely made and fast shipping..thanks Tom. - Hook Moore/South Charleston, West Virginia

     **  I have yet to see another brand that is as well made as the D2F. - Curt Langston/Leonard, Oklahoma

     **  D2F covers are first rate. I got three at ISGC and now my amps are as happy as can be. HIGHLY recommended! - Herb Steiner/Cedar Valley, Travis County, Texas

     **  My cover arrived yesterday in the post office for my D10 Derby. This is definitely a jewel of a cover that fits like a glove! I couldn't be happier with the fit and the quality. - Larry Weaver/Ashville, North Carolina

     **  WOW, the D2F Roland JC-120 Amp cover arrived today!! Fastest and best quality service from ebay-seller I know. The amp cover and the service you provide is nothing short of your description; pro packaging, super fast shipment, it fits perfect, looks good and materials are top quality. I'm confident this cover will protect my amp for life! - Pim Hogenes/Haarlem, The Netherlands

    **  It has been a pleasure to do business with you.  Radiopoet Productions owns many fine vintage and reissue guitar amps, and if everything fits as well as the cover you made for our Vox AC-30, you'll be seeing more orders from us soon; top-drawer quality and great service. - Jay Hallstom/Kirkland, Washington

  **  Hey Tom - Got the cover yesterday, just in time for a gig that was 1 hour away (hauling the amp in a tiny trailer) You really do excellent work, I never expected your cover to live up to your testimonials but you truly have set the standard in both customer service and quality.  Thank you very much for such a perfect product, and you can certainly expect me to refer all my band members to D2F covers. - Branden Ayotte/Drayton Valley, Alberta - Canada


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