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          NEW! - D2F® Effects Padded Covers/Cases  
& Wah Wah / Volume Pedal Cases

D2F Covers are setting new standards for quality, protection, fit, and value.

    We make
the most popular sizes of effects pedals (stomp boxes) made by Boss, Digitech, Ibanez, DOD, MXR and numerous others.

 Brand NEW D2F Padded Cover/Case for Boss, Digitech, Ibanez, DOD, MXR, Maxon and other effects boxes.  And Wah Wah and Volume Pedal Cases for the most popular size of Wah Wah and Volume Pedads.   This will fit popular pedals such as Cry Baby, Digitech, and Goodrich 120.

       Our D2F Padded Effects Cover/Case was "Designed 2 Fit" the most popular size for effects boxes. The effects box should be no larger than 5 ¼ L x 2 ¾ W x 2 ½ H.
       Our D2F Padded Wah Waw/Volume Pedal Case was "Designed 2 Fit" the most popular size of Wah Wah  and Volume Pedals.  The pedal should be no larger that 10 3/4 L, 4 W & 2 1/2 inches high. 

       Both of these  D2F attractive padded, soft cover/cases feature our exclusive Web-Grip fastening system.

       D2F Padded Cover/Cases are manufactured to exacting specifications using a custom made 600x600 denier polyester material (exterior) bonded to a light foam padding (1/4 inch) with a soft brushed nylon tricot interior. This material is tough, light, extremely durable, attractive, and functional.  It is exactly the same material we use for all of our amplifier covers.

      Whether you have just purchased an effects box or want to maintain the condition of one or more you have owned for years, D2F Padded Cover/Cases may be your best investment for preventing future wear and tear and preserving your effects boxes condition and value. Not only will you be protecting your effects box from dirt, scuffs, and other damage, but you will be helping to prevent your effects box’s hard edges from inflicting damage on other valuable items.

Because these are premium covers, hand crafted in the USA, and slightly more expensive than some other covers, we guarantee your complete satisfaction or your money will be refunded, including shipping charges.

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