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History ~

Most of my life I have been a salesman, musician, and gear head.  In 1997 I took up playing the pedal steel guitar.  The lead guitar player for the band that I was in at the time was experienced in upholstery and commercial fabrics.  He asked me if I would like him to make a cover for my pedal steel guitar and I thought it would be a great idea. 

As he carefully measured the dimensions of my instrument, I told him I would like to keep the instrument plugged in and ready to play without having to remove the instrument cable.  A week later he delivered the nicest, most professionally made cover I had ever seen for a steel guitar, complete with a cut out for the instrument cable. 

The material was a Polyester Vinyl Canvas which was bonded to a quarter inch of foam padding with a nylon tricot interior.  I was more than impressed with the workmanship and quality of this cover.  I immediately had him make a cover for my amplifier (I still use that cover to this day). Click the pics for larger view.


Three years later I purchased another lacquer Mullen Pedal Steel Guitar, this time a double neck 10 string model, and immediately had him make a cover for this guitar.


It wasn't until Christmas of 2004 we even thought about selling any covers to anyone else.  All that year I had been wishing I could find a high quality product I could sell on-line to supplement my income, fit within my musical interests, and provide a great product for my customers.

  At Christmas time I happened to be on E-bay looking at various products for pedal steel guitars when I noticed some of the covers that were being sold.  Many were of the generic, one size fits all variety.  An upgrade from a towel, but not something I would want on my $4000 investment.

I felt the covers Sean had made for me were far superior to anything I was seeing.  So a few days later I picked up the phone and asked him if he would like to manufacture some if I would do the marketing.  He agreed and we sold our first two covers in four hours on The Steel Guitar Forum. 

During the course of that first year we added D2F Leg & Rod Bags, and D2F Amplifier Covers to our line and list them regularly on both the Steel Guitar Forum and E-bay.

Mark van Allen of Loganville, GA was our second customer in January, 2005

As of this writing, it is now near the end of 2005 and the end of our first year in business. We have sold hundreds of covers throughout the United States as well as many in foreign countries.  Every pedal steel guitar manufacturer that has seen our product has commented they are the nicest covers they have ever seen for a pedal steel guitar. 

A number of top touring professional players are using our products and referring others to us.  In addition, our amplifier covers are selling almost as fast as we can make them.  It seems there are many people who appreciate high quality materials and fine craftsmanship and are willing to pay a little extra for the benefits they deliver.

This has been a very gratifying beginning for both of us.  We are just a couple of musicians making, and selling, the quality of products we appreciate as educated consumers. 

Thank you for your interest in our products and taking the time to visit our web site.

                                                                                    Tom Palmer, President
                                                                                           D2F Covers, Inc.

2007 Update -

We are now well into 2007 and have sold thousands of covers for steel guitars, amplifiers, steel guitar seats, and effects covers all over the world.  You, our valued customers have made us one of the fasted growing companies in our industry.  We are continually grateful for the opportunity to serve you, the community of musicians that make our very existence possible.  Thank You!

2008 Update -

Sales have more than doubled each of the three years we have been in business so far.  This past year we added a new fabrication center in the Sodo District of Seattle.  For those who are not familiar with Seattle, this is near Safeco Field (Home of the Seattle Mariners) and Quest Field (Home of the Seattle Seahawks).  The addition of our new fabrication center has given us a dramatic boost in productivity and production capacity.  We thank our many customers who have made this growth possible.

  Here are a couple of photos of our facility.

2009 Update -

While the economy has slowed down considerably we have continued to grow throughout the year.  This year we passed the 8000 mark in total covers sold since we began.

2010 Update -

We passed the 12,000 mark in total sales this year.  While our growth slowed to its lowest level since we started the business in 2005, we have continued to grow in very difficult times.  A special "Thanks" to all who have continued to support us.

2014 Update -

We have now grown over the 28,000 mark in total sales.  We thank everyone of our loyal customers, and our brand new customers, for your continued support!

2017 Update -

We are over 41,000 now .....


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